Christmas Party 2000
Willingboro Astronomical Society  Last updated 2.28.2001

These are photos of our 2000 Christmas Party. Most club members attend this party and a lot of previous members drop by to catch up. We always have lots of fun, prizes, food and conversation.

This is Lane, the outgoing President, talking to Carol.    This is Val and Michelle. Val is the incoming President. We don't know who that is next to Michelle but since she drove up in a Ferrari, we let her stay.
Phil - a past President. Phil is renown for his chocolate-chip cookies and he brings them to each Christmas party. Then he has the nerve to complain that he didn't get any. The reality is he never brings enough.   Jack, Al and Phil. Jack was our Treasurer for many years.
Al handing out cards for the prize drawings. Al has been a mainstay in the club for more years than he cares to admit.   Joy - another past President. Joy also writes the club newsletter and, along with Al, organizes the Christmas Party prize drawing each year.
Joan wins a prize!