NEAF 2003
Willingboro Astronomical Society  Last updated 5.21.2003

The Northeast Astronomy Forum was held this year on Saturday and Sunday, May 17-18. I attended Saturday and rode up in Scott's SUV along with Joy and Al. We arrived about 9:30am under cloudy skies. The exhibits were very good, like all recent years and there were some real bargains to be had. Sometime before noon, the sky cleared and the solar equipment could be moved outside for viewing. In all, it was a beautiful day, the presentations were excellent, the exhibits top shelf and the solar observing enjoyable. After the show, we had dinner at a pizza place, finished off with some homemade ice cream and got home around 8:30pm. My thanks to the Rockland Astronomy Club for all their hard their work. These photos were taken by Scott M. and myself.

- Lane

Rockland Community College, the home of  NEAF The exhibits were in the gym, with wide isles and plenty of display space for exhibitors and vendors. 
This is Bob Summerfield and his wife Lisa. They are a regular at this show as well as many others - and members of our club.   Celestron was there with their new German equatorial computerized mount. It looks promising so, hopefully, we'll see a test soon.
This is Gary Hand's exhibit, full of scopes and accessories. Gary shows up at just about all the northeast astronomy shows and campouts.   Televue - selling oculars and other quality equipment at discount prices. That's Al Nagler on the left and Joel (one of ours) in the middle, looking at the new 5-inch refractor. 
TAL had a lineup (literally) of Russian-made scopes.   Questar had all their wares on display.
Sky and Telescope was selling books, hats and other stuff.   There was a StarLab doing a planetarium show for the kids.
There was solar viewing outside. This is Big Al looking through a H-Alpha filter and Little Scott waiting his turn.   Questar had their spectroscope outside for viewing. I was impressed with the quality and ease of use. Absorption lines were easy to study that day but emission lines evaded our efforts.
The lectures were held in the auditorium and were generally very good.    Among the lectures were: video astronomy with some astounding images; a review of the upcoming Mars opposition; an outstanding demonstration of a new program that displays the universe in three dimensions.
Our crew in 3-dimensions: Mike, Joel, Al, Joy, Lane, Blake, Jim, Bob, Al, Lisa, Bill, Al, Scott. Albert Einstein could only muster 2-dimensions. Finally - some great wildflowers were outside if you took the time to look.