Picnic, June 2001
Willingboro Astronomical Society
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Our club holds two picnics each year at the observatory. The last one was on June 9th and it was a beautiful day with moderate temps and plenty of sunshine. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soda and brownies, to name only a few items. We painted the observatory building and made some repairs on the dome. The night was clear and there were lots of scopes so many of us stayed on into the night and looked at Mars, Pluto, a -5 Iridium flare, a number of "normal" satellites plus lots of deep sky objects and double stars. Most of us packed up and went home about 1 AM when the rising moon became intrusive. 

- Lane

Lots of members and family attended, including two dogs.  We managed to paint the observatory building and fix the dome.
Mike brought his new Coronado Hydrogen-Alpha filter. We saw lots of surface detail and a number of prominences.    There was plenty of time to relax and enJOY the lake. 
This is Blake putting his 17-inch Discovery together, with advice from others.   This is Scott and Bill checking out a Meade AT60. It worked pretty well.
This is Scott initializing his Meade ETX 125.   This is Scott (left) standing on the observatory roof. We now have three Scotts in the club.
The prize for the best teeth goes to Jim    The prize for the best moocher goes to Keats.