Light Speed Binocular Mount

Here's are pictures of the Light Speed binocular mount that I use almost exclusively with my 16x70 Fujinon binoculars. I've had the mount for nearly ten years, but the small company that made it (and other specialty telescope mounts) is no longer in business. Most of the plates making up the mount are 3/8" thick aircraft grade aluminum. The uppermost brass knob holds the binoculars via a slotted aluminum piece that hangs down from the knob and is connected to the binoculars (here's a picture of the mounted binoculars on patrol for Venus near sunset at a Chatsworth, NJ, cranberry bog, a couple of days before the transit in 2012). The vertical position of the slotted piece is adjusted so that the center of mass coincides with he upper pivot. The binoculars are then balanced and can be moved around with one's eyelids. The other two brass knobs (at the pivot points for altitude and azimuth) adjust the tension on the silky-smooth bearings. The mount is absolutely superb, except that it becomes increasingly awkward to use at higher elevations.