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Artificial Clouds from the Wallops Rocket Launch
Carranza Field, Morning of June 29, 2017

Here is the set of individual pictures that showed any artificial cloud formation (although not clearly so in the last one). All of them were taken with a Canon 6D digital SLR camera (on a fixed tripod) and a Canon 24 to 105 mm f/4L zoom lens set to 24 mm  focal length. They were all exposed 6 seconds at f/4, ISO 3200 with 4200K white balance. Except for size reduction on this web page, no processing was applied. The times are from the EXIF data of camera's GPS-controlled clock.


#9620, 4:28:25 am EDT



#9621, 4:29:01 am EDT



#9622, 4:29:20 am EDT



#9623, 4:29:44 am EDT



#9624, 4:30:03 am EDT (this is the base image used for the home page image, which had some mild processing applied)



#9625, 4:30:18 am EDT



#9626, 4:30:35 am EDT



#9627, 4:31:02 am EDT



#9628, 4:33:21 am EDT 



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