Edmund's Star Watch
Willingboro Astronomical Society
  www.wasociety.net  Last updated 2.38.2001

If you check our schedule, you'll see we conduct many star parties for the public throughout the year. These photos give you an idea of what they are like. Also, these photos are "larger" than the other so they will take a little more time to download. All these photos were taken at the Edmund's star party on July 16, 1999:

This is, obviously, before sunset. That's Jack in the foreground on the left, Donna in the pink shirt and Lane in the plad shirt. The others are attendees. It isn't quite dark yet but we can look at the moon.
Still before sunset, that's Bill on the left, Scott in the blue shirt in the middle, others in the background too small to identify and attendees on the right.
Now it's beginning to get dark. That's Dennis in the white shirt with the wrist bandage and Al in the red shirt.