Hickory Run State Park - 2000
Willingboro Astronomical Society
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Five club members went camping at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania over the weekend of May 5-7. It was remarkably warm in the Pocono mountains for this time of the year with daytime temps in the 80's and nighttime temps in the 60's. There were two brief showers Friday afternoon followed by scattered clouds. It cleared about 11:00pm but remained hazy. Saturday evening was full of clouds that cleared slowly by midnight but, once again, it remained hazy. Both nights were usable, however, for astronomy and it was very good camping weather except for the bugs. The park has two camping areas, one is "full service" with warm showers and toilets but it is full of trees. The other is more primitive, meaning no showers and only outhouses but it has two large open fields. There were only a few other campers in the primitive campground, where we camped.

This is our campsite. The trees are to the North.   This field is to the South.
Which way is North?   Does anyone know what this blue thing is?
How many amateur astronomers does it take to...?   A true mirror-head.
Afternoon clouds. Just after sunset, we did find a 31-hour old Moon.   The Neighborhood Watch.
Bruce, Lane, Bernie, Jerry and Blake.   In addition to many small, biting bugs there were also small non-carnivorous flowers.