A Night in Bernie K's Optics Lab, November 15, 2008
Willingboro Astronomical Society
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Here are some snapshots from Jermey's mirror grinding session at Bernie K's optics lab on November 15, 2008. Bernie is overlooking the optical bench as Jeremy (out of view to the left) runs the Foucault test.

Jeremy peering at the knife edge.

He makes some fine adjustments.

The business end of the knife edge (light source to the right).

The "doughnut" image seen during the Foucault test.

A close-up of the "doughnut."

The mirror-grinding stand (the "barrel").

Jeremy inspecting the rough-ground surface of his 8-inch mirror.

Bernie offers some advice.

More advice.

And even more advice.

With safety being the foremost concern, Jeremy is ready to grind.


Photos by Joe Stieber; Canon 40D + Sigma 18-50 mm f/2.8 zoom