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 The Transit of Venus is over, but the Sun Funnel is still a great idea, so here's the archived part of the WAS home page about putting one together...


The Sun Funnel  Get ready for the Transit of Venus!


Pictured here is the Sun Funnel, a simple device for safe viewing of the sun by a small group. With solar activity on the rise and the increasing frequency of sunspots, this is a handy device for the solar observer -- and especially for public outreach. It will be particularly handy this coming June for observing the Transit of Venus, which for the Philadelphia area, begins at 6:04 pm EDT on June 5, 2012, and is visible until 8:25 pm when Venus sets while still in transit across the solar disc. Instructions (and some background theory) for making a Sun Funnel are available here. Many of the parts are available at your local auto supply store and the special DA-LITE fabric for the viewing surface is available here. (Originally posted on 3-25-2012)