Club Information
West Jersey Astronomical Society  Last updated 12.20.2019


Our meeting location occasionally changes so check the Directions in the left menu for our current meeting location before you attend a meeting.

Meetings are usually held on the first and third Fridays of every month (except when holidays interfere), starting about 7:30 pm and finishing about 9:45 pm. The first meeting is somewhat formal and includes an club business. The last meeting is more informal and covers questions, events, equipment and subjects raised by the attendees. All meetings are open to the public. For photos of a typical meeting, click here.


STAR PARTIES: We host public star parties in New Jersey and participate in star parties hosted by other astronomy clubs around the Delaware Valley area. Private star parties are used to train members on the use of telescopes, star charts and how to find, observe and photograph objects -- and to just enjoy observing the celestial wonders).

EDUCATION: Our education program for members includes in-depth training ranging from telescopes and star charts to stellar morphology and cosmology. Lectures, demonstrations and computer-aided teaching are used.

PICNIC: We have one each year that mixes fun and food with solar observing and with night observing (for members only).

CAMPING: Many of our members attend the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys, and in the summer, the Stellafane Convention in Vermont and the Black Forest Star Party in north-central Pennsylvania.


The Delaware Valley offers several excellent astronomy clubs with differing styles so don't be in a rush to join our club or any other - attend some of our meetings first and check us out - all our meetings are open to the public. If you prefer a different style of club, several of our members are active in other area clubs so they can discuss the differences with you. You can also participate in our frequent "electronic discussions" on our Yahoo! e-group.

If you like us, then we welcome you as a member. Dues are $30 per year, here's the application form.

What we expect from you, as a member, is: