Member Star Watches for 2018
West Jersey Astronomical Society  Last updated 11.11.2018


These Member Star Watches will also be open to the general public for observing, but unlike the Public Star Watches, members may be preoccupied with their own personal observing (although most amateur astronomers enjoy sharing views of the heavens at any time). Note that Atsion Field is not available for observing at will – a designated club representative must be present according to our permit with the State. There will be other observing sessions of opportunity at Atsion throughout the year, depending on the weather, the moon and celestial phenomena. Because they're weather dependent, they will be scheduled on short notice.


For more information, members should contact Bernie Hosko. Note: To thwart spam, you'll need to manually insert the "@" and the "." (dot) symbols in the address!


2018 Member Star Watch Schedule, Atsion Field

All dates are Saturdays at current local time (February, November and December are EST, the rest are EDT). The end of Astronomical Twilight is listed.



  Twilight Ends


February 10

5:29 pm

7:01 pm

 No – Cloudy

March 17

7:08 pm

8:38 pm


April 7

7:29 pm

9:03 pm

No – Cloudy

May 19

8:10 pm

10:03 pm

No – Cloudy

June 16

8:29 pm

10:31 pm


July 7

8:29 pm

10:29 pm


August 11

8:00 pm

9:43 pm

No – Cloudy

September 8

7:19 pm

8:52 pm

No – Cloudy

October 6

6:33 pm

8:03 pm

No – Cloudy

November 10

4:47 pm

6:20 pm


December 8

4:34 pm

6:11 pm



Click here for a printable PDF schedule of both the Public and Member Star Watches for 2018.


GPS Coordinates

Latitude (north)

Longitude (west)

Atsion Field

39 deg 44 min 32 sec 74 deg 43 min 28 sec