Star Watches for 2017
West Jersey Astronomical Society  Last updated 11.18.2017

"Star Watch" is a term amateur astronomers use for an evening get-together where we talk, look through telescopes, find new objects and enjoy each others company. Our public Star Watches are an opportunity for you to:

Our club is scheduled to conduct ninee public star watches in 2017. Most will be in New Jersey's Wharton State Forest at Batsto Village, where our telescopes will be set up on the field beside the visitors' center. Attendees should park in the paved parking lot at the front of the visitor's center.. These events are weather-permitting, so always check the WAS home page for the weather status before heading out. This information will usually be posted by noon on the day of the event.

Etiquette and safety - following a few simple rules will maintain an adequate level of safety and improve the general experience:

For more information, contact Bernie Hosko or Joe Stieber. Note: To thwart spam, you'll need to manually insert the "@" and the "." (dot) symbols in the addresses!



2017 Public Star Watch Schedule

All dates are Saturdays. Eastern Daylight Time for all, except November 18, which is Eastern Standard Time. The end of Astronomical Twilight is listed.


Location (held?)

Event Start Time


  Twilight Ends

March 25

Batsto Village - N

7:00 pm

7:16 pm

8:47 pm

April 22

Batsto Village - N

7:30 pm

7:44 pm

9:23 pm

May 20

Batsto Village - Y

8:00 pm

8:11 pm

10:03 pm

June 24

Batsto Village - Y

8:00 pm

8:30 pm

10:32 pm

July 29

Batsto Village - Y

8:00 pm

8:14 pm

10:03 pm

August 19

Batsto Village - Y

7:00 pm

7:49 pm

9:28 pm

September 23

Batsto Village - Y

7:00 pm

6:54 pm

8:24 pm

October 21

Atsion Field - Y

6:00 pm

6:11 pm

7:41 pm

November 18

Batsto Village - N

6:00 pm

4:41 pm

6:14 pm

GPS Coordinates

Latitude (north)

Longitude (west)

Batsto Village

39 deg 38 min 37 sec

74 deg 38 min 45 sec

Atsion Field

39 deg 44 min 32 sec 74 deg 43 min 28 sec

Also - don't forget to check the web sites of the other astronomy clubs in the Delaware Valley area - they frequently schedule as many or more star watches as we do and some may be much closer to you. You can find their web sites at Links.