West Jersey Astronomical Society  Last updated 4.02.2016

 A collection of miscellaneous useful items.

Clear Sky Charts Short range, astronomically useful weather forecasts for popular local observing locations
Stellarium Free planetarium software for Linux, Mac and Windows
Telrad Charts 1 Star charts with Telrad circles overlaying the Messier objects
Telrad Charts 2 Star charts with Telrad circles overlaying the Messier objects, plus additional information about the objects
Messier Log A sequential log designed for the spring Messier Marathon (but it can be used any time of the year) Download the free monthly "Evening Sky Map."
Heavens-Above Predictions for satellites, such as the ISS and Iridium flares
Cal-Sky All kinds of astronomical information in addition to satellite predictions, including ISS transits of the sun and moon News and information about the the Sun-Earth environment
South Jersey Sites GPS coordinates of selected Southern Jersey Observing sites.
Skies Unlimited Our local telescope store in Pottstown, PA
Space Calendar NASA/JPL calendar of everything going on up there.
International Dark
Sky Association
WAS is a club member.
Adobe Reader The freely available reader for PDF documents.