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WAS 35th Anniversary Audio Presentation

35th Anniversary MP3

Roger Cowley's Gauging the Solar System

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD):

Hubble Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope

Catching the Light by Jerry Lodriguss. Jerry is an outstanding astrophotographer:

Main Site:
What's New:

Astrophotography by Steve Mattan:
Steve's Recycled Photons:

Astronomical Snapshots by Joe Stieber:

General Astrophotography Links:

Astronomical Cameras: A Guide to Astrophotography

Astronomy Magazine:

Sky & Telescope Magazine:

American Association of Variable Star Observers

Astronomical League

American Meteor Society

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers

International Space Station Technology Guide:

Satellite Tracking (you need to set your location!):

ISS and CSS, Solar & Lunar Transit Predictions

An Atlas of the Universe, nice zoom feature:

This is a great site for learning about the solar system:

Philadelphia-Area Astronomy Clubs

Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton

Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

Astronomical Society of the Toms River Area

Bucks-Mont Astronomical Assn.

Chesmont Astronomical Society

Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers

Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society

New Jersey Astronomical Association

Rittenhouse Astronomical Society

South Jersey Astronomy Club

S*T*A*R Society of Telescopy, Astronomy and Radio

United Astronomy Clubs of NJ